Lightning Strike Safety: Protect Your Home from the Unexpected

When lightning strikes, its effects can be severe to fatal. You can lose all your electronics and major appliances in a moment. The cost can be staggering. It’s important to protect your home before it strikes.

5 Essential Lightning Strike Safety Tips

Your home is one of your biggest assets, and the lives of your family members are even more valuable. Lightning strikes not only can destroy electronics and appliances but can also cause serious fires. Loss of property and life can result. Use the following guide to protecting your home in the case of a lightning strike.

1) Use a lightning protection system

A lightning protection system for your home provides a safe path for lightning to travel to the ground. It doesn’t make your house anymore or less susceptible to lightning strikes. It generally consists of lightning rods, main conductors, grounds, bonds, and surge protectors. Don’t try it alone. Hire a professional to install your home lightning protection system.

2) Make sure to unplug all electronics and appliances

When a storm brings a high level of lightning activity, unplug all your major appliances and electronics. Don’t forget your home alarm system and garage door opener. Even your outside A/C unit can be hit. Don’t take any chances. The cost of damage from lightning can be extensive.

3) Equip your home with transient voltage surge suppressors

Sometimes you may not be able to unplug everything in your house. Lightning may strike while you are out of town or no one is home. A great way to ensure your electronics are always protected is by installing transient voltage surge protectors in your home. They limit voltage to your electronics to 1.5 times normal voltage.

4) Protect your trees

One thing you may not think about is protecting the trees near your home. It’s recommended to protect any tree taller than your house or within 10 feet of a structure. Not only will a lightning protection system save your trees, but it will eliminate side-flash hazards to your home and other structures as well.

5) Review your insurance

Prevention is always better than restoration. But, sometimes, even the best preventive measures prove inadequate and restoration is vital. If your home is struck by lightning, you may need not only a reputable general contractor but a good homeowners or renters insurance policy to mitigate the costs. Review your policy now and make sure it covers damage to your home and electronics from lightning strikes.

Don’t Get Struck, Get Ready Now

Lightning strikes are one of those things you think could never happen to you until they do. The potential damage is far too great to leave to chance. Protect your home and family today. Get started with this lightning strike safety guide. If you find yourself facing the misfortune of a lightning strike in your home, Contact Us for restoration services.

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