Fireworks Safety for the Fourth

It’s time to celebrate the birth of this great nation again. It’s important to remember and celebrate where we came from. You know what else is important?  Fun, food, festivities, and fireworks! Don’t let this year’s celebration end in calamity, though. The last thing you want is an injury or fire damage to a building or other structure.

Fireworks Safety 101

There’s nothing like an amazing fireworks display.  Excitement is in the air as the night sky is interrupted by the brilliant lights and sounds of fireworks exploding. There’s a sense of beauty, awe, and wonder in the crowd. It’s the exploding part, however, that gives cause for concern. A fireworks display can get out of hand really quick.

Obey the laws- they’re for protection.

Know your local laws regarding fireworks and obey them. They’ll protect you. They will first hopefully prevent any accident from occurring. Remember, too, that if something does go wrong, the laws can’t protect if you didn’t follow them.

Dress for safety.

Wear light clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Stay away from loose fitting sleeves. Wear safety glasses when igniting fireworks.

Know your fireworks.

There are so many fireworks options. Some stay low to the ground, some shoot off high in the sky, and everything between. Some are long, some short, all explode. Read the descriptive and cautionary labels before igniting each firework. Make sure you have adequate space away from trees and buildings. Clear away the ignition area of people and things.

Be smart and sensible.

Don’t give fireworks to children. Teach them about sparklers and poppers before allowing them to play with them. Teach them to respect fireworks for the potential danger. A responsible adult should always supervise all fireworks activities. Light one at a time and move away quickly. Don’t experiment with homemade fireworks or fireworks combinations. Never relight duds. Wait a half hour, then soak in a bucket of water before disposing of it.

Be ready.

Before you even light the first sparkler, make sure you have a bucket of water and hose ready nearby. Hopefully, you’ll never need them. But you don’t want something to happen and be scrambling to find them. It’s important to put out fires as early as possible before they have a chance to spread.

Enjoy Your Celebrations

Knowing you’ve taken all the proper precautionary measures for fireworks safety will help you relax and enjoy the show. Grab another cold one, eat another hot dog. Celebrate with your friends and family. From Torocon to all of you, Happy Fourth of July!

Torocon specializes in fire damage restoration. In the unfortunate event you need help with fire damage this summer, Contact Us.  

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