5 Critical Insights About Water Leaks at Your Business

Water leaks typically start slow and go undetected until considerable damage has been done. This can cost your business a significant amount of money. Knowing what to look for and how to prevent leaks is essential to minimize potential loss to your business.

Preventing Water Leaks at Your Business

The key to preventing and minimizing the damage from water leaks is early detection. Though they start slow, they are often out of sight and cause a lot of damage over time. Prevention is always better than having to repair water damage. Get started with the following guide:

1) Know the common sources.

Most water leaks originate from 3 common sources: appliances, pipes/drains, and the roof. Aging appliances often rust and wear down. Appliances to keep your eye on if you have them in your business include washing machines, water heaters, refrigerators, dishwashers and the AC.

2) Check hoses and connections.

Check all your water supply lines to your appliances. Make sure the hose connections remain secure. Check all hoses regularly, especially your washing machine hoses. Watch for bulges, cracked hoses, or other signs of deterioration. Replace worn hoses to keep leaks from occurring.

3) Don’t neglect recommended maintenance.

All your appliances come with instructions for recommended maintenance. Following these instructions will keep your appliances in their best working condition and make them last as long as possible. It will also ensure you catch any leaks as early on as possible and minimize any damage.  

4) Be mindful of freezing pipes.

Frozen pipes are another common source of leaks. When the temperatures drop, keep a trickle of water flowing from any faucets at night. You may also consider insulating pipes that are frequently exposed to freezing temperatures and drafts.

5) Consider leak detection systems and inspections.

There are active and passive leak detection systems. Both types of systems typically sound an alarm when they detect a leak. An active system also features a shutoff valve to stop the flow of water when it senses a leak. It’s also recommended to have periodic inspections of your plumbing and roofing by a professional. Leaks start slow, so early detection is essential to minimizing damage to your business facilities.

Detect Early, Fix Immediately

The last thing you need in your business is surprise expenses- especially ones that are preventable. Water leaks start slow and can go undetected, causing steady damage over a long period of time. Often, when they are discovered, the damage is already considerable. It’s far better to detect leaks early and fix them as soon as possible. Get started with this guide to water leaks at your business.

For more information on water leak prevention or for help with water damage repair, Contact Us.

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