Fort Myers Water Damage

Fort Myers Water Damage Repairs

Water-damaged homes and businesses are a common issue in Fort Myers where hurricanes and torrential flooding is bound to happen. Although local Florida residents typically experience water damage from natural disasters, it can also occur from busted or leaking pipes. Whether small or large, Torocon understands the importance of a fast response to your emergency.

Torocon has a fast 24/7 response time, which gives you peace of mind during a catastrophe. We know the effects Fort Myers water damage can have on your flooring, appliances, and furniture, and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing a one-stop place for complete water damage solutions. This means we help with every step of the process including water clean up, drying out your property, and repairing and remodeling damaged areas.

Water and mold contamination can also occur from fire damage where strong hoses were used to put out the flames. If you’ve experienced this situation, call Torocon today–we are experts disaster restoration.

Mold Removal

Mold can result from improper water removal. If you have mold or mildew growth in your home or office, Torocon can not only clean-up the decay but also return your property to a better condition than its original state. First, our experts scope out your building to find where the mold and its moisture source is located. Then we assess, document, and treat the infected areas. Afterward,we conduct any reconstruction services needed.

7 Steps For Turnkey Restoration  

We strive to make the process of restoring your home or business from Fort Myers water damage as easy and smooth as possible. If you’re in the Fort Myers area–including the Port Charles, Punta Gorda, Bonita Springs, and Naples communities–review our restoration steps so you know what to expect up front.

1. Restore Safe Environment

We secure your property to ensure a safe working environment and to prevent injuries or additional damages.

2. Inspection and Damage Assessment

A disaster response manager will assess the extent of damages using innovative technology like thermal imaging and moisture reading equipment. After documenting the damage, an in-depth estimate is prepared for you.

3. Temporary Moving Assistance

We provide data, wet document, and vital record recovery to restore your important files to the original state. We understand the value in your personal property, so to make the process easier for you, we also provide temporary packing, moving and storage of your items.

4. Water Removal and Extraction Our trained technicians will begin removing water from your home or office. We have thorough clean-up procedures that ensure every last drop is extracted from the building.

5. Structural Drying and Dehumidification

We use state of the art equipment such as water extractors, blowers, and dehumidifiers to completely dry out your home or business’ building structure.

6. Anti- Microbial Application

Water damage is bad enough, so to prevent additional damages from mold, we apply anti-microbial and products to avoid mold and mildew from growing.  A deodorization product is also placed to  eliminate any smells to affected areas.

7. Rebuilding and Remodeling

Once your home or business has gone through our intensive water extraction process, the reconstruction can begin. Our experienced general contractor specialists will repair your building with construction,roofing, and  remodeling improvements. We strive to restore your house or office to its original appearance, or in many cases, better than before!

Get Instant Help

Contact us today to get instant water damage help from Torocon’s response team 24/7-365 days a year. If you experience mold or water on your property–even from hurricane damage, tornado damage or hail damage— call Torocon to help restore its condition.