5 Invaluable Hurricane Protection Tips for Your Car

When you think about preparing for hurricane season, often most of the attention is given to preparing your home. Don’t forget to take some time to prepare your vehicles too. You rely on your car to do just about everything you do. This is no different before and after major storms.

Hurricane Protection for Your Car

In the aftermath of a hurricane, you may be busy taking care of hurricane damage at your home or business. You will need your vehicle to be ready to use and in good working condition. Use this guide to prepare your vehicle when a hurricane is on the way.

1) Take pictures and review your insurance.

It’s a good idea to have documentation of your vehicle’s state before the hurricane. Take photos inside and out to provide your insurance company. Call your agent and review your hurricane coverage, if applicable.

2) Fill ‘er up.

Before the hurricane arrives, fill up your gas tank. You never know when or where you may need to go during or after a dangerous storm. You may need to evacuate before the storm hits and you’ll need a plan for getting help once it leaves. A full tank will ensure you can get where you need to even if there is a fuel shortage.

3) Check your fluids.

Make sure your car has everything it needs and is in prime condition before the storm comes. It’s a good idea to have your local mechanic shop do a diagnostic check up, so you know you won’t get stranded. Make sure all your fluids are replenished, tires filled, and lights are working.

4) Store all documentation.

Place all the pictures you took and copies of your registration and insurance information in a sealable plastic bag or other safe place. It’s also a good idea to make extra copies of insurance, registration, and keys for all licensed drivers in your household. In the event a disaster separates you, the vehicle will be ready for you.

5) Make an emergency kit.

Keep an emergency kit in your trunk with everything you might need for your car. This should include an auto tool kit, tire sealant, extra oil, antifreeze and power steering fluid, flares, jumper cables, extra fuses, and a tire jack. Add to this a pocket knife, a flashlight with batteries, a blanket, a first aid kit, and a battery-powered radio. Keep a pen and paper handy in case you need to write something down and it’s always good to have extra water.

Store Vehicles in a Safe, High Place

If you have extra vehicles you won’t be using to evacuate, find a safe, covered, and elevated place to store them. Make sure they’ll be safe from flying debris and subsequent flooding. It’s also good to have at least a couple of evacuation options in case of road closures and flooding.

Keep Your Vehicle Prepared

Your car is crucial to your ability to evacuate and to respond to the aftermath of a storm. It’s just as important to protect and prepare your vehicle as it is your home. Use this hurricane protection guide to make sure your car is ready for you in the event of a hurricane.

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