7 Hurricane Home Protection Tips: Before the Storm

Hurricane season is well upon us again and this year is expected to be more active than normal. Any preparation you do before any storm hits will make it much easier to manage when one does come. You will save yourself unneeded stress and anxiety, and be able to make better decisions in the hour of emergency.

Essential Hurricane Home Protection Tips

Beyond having a basic emergency kit that’s fully stocked, there are a number of things you can do when there’s no storm in sight. Take some time to make sure you and your family will be safe in the event of a major storm.  Get started with the following tips for securing your home and property.

1) Make a plan for securing your lawn.

Knowing what you’re going to do with everything outdoors will make it much smoother once the storm is coming. Decide how you will take care of every item. You want to focus on things that could become projectiles in high winds or carried away in high waters. The best method is bringing everything indoors. Some hotels have had success storing lawn furniture, etc in pools during storms. Don’t drain your pool.

2) Trim trees.

Walk through your property and take a look at all the trees and branches. Trim away dead branches, especially near your house. Keep a pulse on the health of your trees and remove dead trees as soon as you spot them. A dead branch or tree on your roof is not the way you want to discover it.

3) Inspect your roof.

Take a good look at your roof and consider hiring a professional to inspect it. Look for loose or damaged shingles and other weakened areas. Existing issues will only make the hurricane damage worse. Hire a professional to make repairs and upgrades. Make sure it is properly sealed and secured. You may consider adding roof straps if you don’t already have them. While you’re at it, make sure your gutters are clean and draining properly.

4) Take an inventory.

Walk through all your house and property and take an inventory of all of your things. Estimate replacement cost and note the condition of each item. Take pictures for insurance purposes.

5) Invest in flood protection.

There are a number of ways you may be able to protect your home against flooding. Flood damage from mere inches of flood water can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. You may consider making your foundation watertight with concrete. Another option is investing in flood barriers to keep the waters away from your house.

6) Evaluate evacuation options.

This is definitely something you don’t want to wait until the storm is there to do. Do some research and find several places you could evacuate to. It’s important to have more than one or two in case of road closures and flooding. When the weather is good, drive to each location, scope out nearby gas stations, grocery stores, etc. While you’re at it, create or update your emergency travel kit. Include extra flashlights and batteries, whistles or flares to signal for help, and plenty of water and non-perishable food. Local maps may be helpful too in case your cell coverage is impacted.

7) Review your insurance.

Take a look at your homeowners or renters insurance policies. Make sure you understand everything that’s covered and everything that’s not covered. Most policies do not include flood insurance by default. Talk to your agent about adding flood insurance, especially if you live in an area where flooding or hurricanes and other storms are common. Remember, even if flooding isn’t common in your area, hurricanes often cause flooding in areas that otherwise do not flood.

Preparation Will Give You Peace of Mind

Knowing your plan and taking preventive precautions will give you peace of mind. You may not be able to prevent all hurricane damage, but having a well thought-out plan will make recovery much easier and smoother. Use this guide to hurricane home protection to make sure you’re ready before the first storm arrives.

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