Earthquake Aftermath: 5 Things to Look For in Your Building

There is no regular earthquake season. They can happen at any time of the year, without warning. They can also occur in regions previously not considered seismically active. Earthquakes can be extremely destructive and even deadly. Sometimes, though, the damage to... read more

How to Protect Your Commercial Building From Tornadoes

Concentrating vast amounts of energy in a small area relative to other storms, tornados are a force to be reckoned with. Capable of generating wind speeds upward of 250 mph, they can be strong enough to demolish most buildings in their path. If you own a large or tall... read more

How to Protect Your Business from Wind Damage

Storms are unpredictable in size, strength, and timing. You never know when one might strike in your area, and the damage caused by high-velocity winds is devastating. Lower your risk for serious damage to your business property and assets by taking the following... read more

11 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home

The milder weather that comes with spring is the perfect condition to do the work that’s needed inside and outside your home. While you’re preparing for your spring cleaning, think about preventative care your home and property needs to ensure it will last for the... read more

Spring Tips for Commercial Building Maintenance

Spring is here- that time of year when we all take a big collective breath of fresh air.  The trees are blooming, the sun is out, and the promise of summer is in the air. We spend more time outside and do a little spring cleaning. There’s no better time before... read more

7 Home Repair Projects that Should Be Left to the Pros

We live in the do-it-yourself age. The internet tells you how to do everything from car repairs and bookshelves to projects around the house and a thousand things you can make out of pallets. Sometimes they save you a lot of money. Sometimes, though, they end up... read more

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Your house is one of your biggest assets and where you live a good part of your life. When you need repairs and upgrades, it is important to find a solid company you can trust. Nowhere is this more vital than with your roof. Poor workmanship can cost you much more... read more

Preventing Hail Damage to Your Home

March begins hailstorm season for the United States, peaking from May to August and ending in October. If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to prepare. hailstorms can appear very quickly and without warning. They cause serious damage to plants and animals, vehicles,... read more