Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage Repairs

The power of a hurricane is often underestimated, but because this natural disaster has two strong forces of Mother Nature, wind and water, behind it, hurricanes often cause extensive damage. Hurricane damage can include torn apart roofs, shattered windows, demolished infrastructure and more. Torocon can promise a quick response because we set up command centers near affected areas and start surveying the damage once the storm has passed.

Water damage can also occur from a disaster like hail damagetornado damage or fire damage from strong hoses. If you find yourself in one of these catastrophes, call Torocon to help restore your property’s condition.

7 Steps For Turnkey Restoration

We strive to make the process of restoring your home or office from hurricane damage as easy and smooth as possible. We break down all of the steps so you know what to expect up front.

1. Restore Safe Environment

Before anything is done to your property, we secure it by putting up a temporary fence, boarding up any openings, and applying a tarp to your roof for protection.

2. Debris Removal

Hurricanes usually throw stuff around and cause debris pile-up. Before we can begin assessing your property’s damage, we have to clean and remove debris from critical areas.

3. Inspection and Damage Assessment

A disaster response manager will find the areas damaged and assess the extent of severity. The team will document what damages were found including any water damage or fire damage that occurred during the storm.

4. Water Removal and Drying

If water damage was found, our trained technicians will begin extracting the water and drying out the structure with equipment such as extractors, blowers, and dehumidifiers. Daily monitoring and documentation help us keep track of your repair process. If electrical components were damaged, temporary power may need to be installed.

Read more about Torocon’s water extraction process that’s part of our turnkey services.

5. Temporary Moving Assistance

We provide data, wet document, and vital record recovery to restore your important files to the original state. We understand the value in your personal property, so to make the process easier for you, we also provide temporary packing, moving and storage of  your items.

6. Cleaning

Your property will be chemically cleaned by professionals and deodorized to remove residue, debris dust, and other elements resulting from a hurricane.  Your air conditioning system will also be cleaned and decontaminated before it can be used again.

7. Rebuilding and Remodeling

Once your home or office has gone through our hurricane restoration process, the reconstruction can begin. Our experienced general contractor specialists will repair your building with construction, roofing, and  remodeling improvements. We strive to restore your house or office to its original appearance, or in many cases, better than before!

Get Instant Help

Get instant hurricane damage help  from Torocon’s disaster response team 24/7-365 days a year. When a hurricane hits, Torocon is on the way to save the day!